8th September 2021

Bring the outdoors in

Bring the outdoors in Cover Image

When thinking about an office refurbishment can plants really make a difference to the quality of work? We think so!

Office workers spend around 8 hours a day in the workplace, often not leaving the building. As our society becomes more aware of mental health and mindfulness, workplace designers should take into consideration how the workspace can promote a positive mindset and productive well-being. Could the addition of outdoor plants to your office space put employee happiness on the rise:

Plants increase productivity

Bringing plants into your office could increase productivity by 15%. Yes, 15%! If your organic decorating has gone with the modern trend for minimalist design, it could be having a damaging effect on your work output. After a study of the correlation between plants and productivity, it was found that the addition of plants into “lean” workspaces’ creates the potential for heightened creativity and enjoyment at work.

Plants reduce stress

We all know the negative impact stress has on increasing the chances of having high blood pressure, tiredness and depression. Just one plant per workspace can result in a notable lift in employee spirits, therefore promoting performance. Another study carried out in 2010 found reductions in depression (58% reduction) and anxiety (37% reduction) when plants were added to the office. Having plants for the long-term reduces absences, Research also shows that indoor plant presence reduces sick leave by 20-60%.

Plants promote a better working environment

Plants also benefit the physical environment. Just 1 plant per 3 employees can improve air quality, as up to 50% of carbon dioxide could be removed from circulation.

We think that plants are an office renovation trend which is in it for the long haul. With significant benefits for employees’ mental health, employers could see a rise in productivity and happiness also motivation and enthusiasm. Plants also help reduce distractions which may be due to office noise, especially if your office layout is an open plan workspace. Colourful plants can also liven up the mood around the workplace and in addition, it creates a welcoming personality. It is, therefore, logical to anticipate an increase in company profitability if employees are working to a higher standard – what’s not to love?!

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Best plant varieties for the office refurbishment

Office refurbishment can include plants that require little input and can withstand significant temperature changes. The ones we choose should be hardy, need little watering and can cope with being forgotten about over the summer as people take their main holiday! Convinced about decorating with natural elements check out  The Best Office Plants for Happy Workers